About Me

Emma Wagner DeFrange

Hi, I'm Emma. 

I'm a playwright, screenwriter, actor, vocalist, producer, arts educator, social media manager, ticketseller...

Okay, I'm a lot of things. Let me explain. 

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where I first found my love of the arts. I began, as many do, as a musical theatre performer. As I carefully practiced my craft I knew I was born to be on the stage. 

I went to college at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee School of Music and got my BFA in Musical Theatre. I made my plan to move to NYC and audition audition audition. 

But while I was there I also fell in love with writing. I realized I had a story to tell and wrote my first few plays. Then I wanted to produce . I moved to NYC and worked as an actor and writer for seven years.

As a social media manager, I've worked for celebrities, small businesses, and other companies to help tell their stories as well. 

After self producing a few plays at fringe festivals across the country, I realized I was pretty good at producing and I could provide a platform to elevate others' voices as well. 

This is when being an educator first came into play as well. I believe that it's essential for the next generation of artists to embrace their unique, authentic voice . And tell their stories. That's when I decided to pursue my MFA.

I've recently returned back to Pittsburgh where I received my MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Point Park University. And I also perform as a vocalist with local musician, Brad Wagner and the Pittsburgh Irish band, Weekend at Blarneys. 

You can see me teaching with Bricolage Production Co. 

You can see me selling tickets with the Cultural Trust. 

And you can see me constantly drinking coffee everywhere. 

Want to collaborate? Drop me a line!

Thanks for visiting,