• Emma Wagner

Hot Jane Summer

Have you been sitting around your house wondering about the Regency era and how it relates to finance and feminism? And you wish someone would delve deeply into that subject but like in a fun millennial pop culture-y way?


I freakin' knew it. Hi, My name is Emma. I'm a playwright, theatre maker, educator, writer, whatever -- I'm a millennial I have 500 jobs. I'm off for the summer from my teaching gig and instead of taking a meaningful rest I have decided to take on a challenge that absolutely no one asked for. I will be spending the summer reading all of Jane Austen's novels and blogging about my experience here.


Why am I taking on this adventurous task one might ask themselves whilst sipping from a delicate tea cup of judgement?

Well, here are a few answers.

  1. Because I want to.

  2. Because I think Jane Austen's work is almost so overrated that it's underrated. Written off as an old fashioned rom-com that gives off the vibe about silly girls and marriage, Austen's work is sometimes equated to that of a C list Katherine Heigel movie (sorry, girl it's not your fault you were shoved into a misogynistic genre.) Austen's work being similar to a rom-com isn't un-true, but since many modern rom-coms that are pushed by mainstream media written by men (Heigel effect again) there has been backlash against the genre in the past few years. But that backlash, in demanding scripts that feature three dimensional women characters has led us to potentially write off all stories about women and marriage which in Austen's case are often about finance and therefore I think oppress women and feminism even further.

  3. (see below)


Well, there ya have it folks. I'm gonna be blogging, frogging, snogging, grogging, my way through Austen - Land and I hope you enjoy the ride. With love of the sincerest nature, Emma