Team Takei - The Social Edge

From 2015-2017 I was a member of Team Takei,  George Takei's social media team. We helped George grow his following to over 10 million followers on Facebook and 2.5 million followers on Twitter. We helped George share his story about LGBTQ activism, his time in the Japanese interment camps, and his message of acceptance all while cracking up his audience with funny and relevant memes and puns. 

Allegiance - Broadway Musical

New York Minutes- Web Series

As a member of Team Takei I had the  privilege on working on the Allegiance, A New Musical digital strategy campaign. My primary responsibilities were project managing the Allegiance posts with appropriate times to get the best reach for our audience. I worked on promoting several other of George's projects as well, including; Off Broadway, Feature Films, Documentaries, Television, Gaming, and Contests.

As a member of Team Takei, I got to develop my  own web series. It was a topical, satirical look at the trending Internet. I was the head writer, digital strategist, and performer in the series. I took joke submissions from our writers, and connected them to create a narrative. I then chose the appropriate times and platforms for digital release. 

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No Late Seating

at The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival


IRIS - Indiegogo Campaign

Dashing Disney Darling - Organic Reach 

As the digital strategist for No Late Seating at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival I ran a meme campaign for our digital strategy. Our engagement was very high with the creation of memes that were both informative about the dates/times and a funny share-able image. 

For my play, IRIS to be able to participate in the Portfringe Festival in Portland, ME we needed to raise some money. I l created and ran a fully successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign. By understanding our audience and keeping them in constant communication about the process our donors felt like they were a part of something very special. We were happy to fulfill our goal and present IRIS successfully in Maine. 

My newest project is born out of my love for all things Disney. I wanted to explore growing an Instagram engagement campaign organically. Without any paid support, I have grown its engagement slow and steady over time.Also, it's a fun excuse to share Disney pictures all day. If you love the Disney Parks, you'll love my account. I very recently started a Twitter and Tumblr to grow the brand as well. 

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In Summary

Social Media is the newest form of story telling. Whether it's sharing your personal experiences or promoting your brand, social media can reach your audience in a personal, fun way. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas on how we can work together.